Here’s to 2019!

Another year is behind us, and we are proud to say we finished it somewhat right. Even with unplanned events like trxinfo DEX and all the chaos that followed it, we managed to work out around the issues and fix the problem as much as we could.

We are now back on track with the development of Book Network and our DApp that will feature many surprises for end users, like games and rewards in tokens, just like we promised. Game update so far:

(Before playing the Beta you need to login TRONLink)


1.Game Title (Shattered Brick)

2.Start up Menu

3.Background Music

4.Audio on/off



To earn TESTBOOK TRC20 you got to score 100,000 and if you lose your lives the score will go back to 0.

After your lives are gone is “GAME OVER” like any normal game except this one is running on TRON Blockchain.


The game will be strategic and will only have one level in the demo version. In the final version, it will have all levels(about 20 levels difficulty from easiest to hardest).

When you start the game(push ENTER)you will only use LEFT or RIGHT on the keyboard and use the SPACE BAR to shoot lasers(after destroying a special brick)

Simple controls nothing complicated!

There will be a version for Android and iPhone later!


When you bounce the ball off the bricks the acceleration speed will increase and over time decrease. It gets faster when you bounce the ball off the bricks and the walls (super fast).

There will only be three power ups:

1.Grow (the capsule doubles in size)

2.Multiple Balls (three additional balls)

3.Lasers (double lasers)

There are solid bricks that will take many hits (just use the double lasers if you’re lucky enough to get one) one hit and three hits before they’re destroyed.


After you win the game the TESTBOOK TRC20 will be sent to your TRX address wallet.

You need to copy and paste the Smart Contract Address:

1.Login your account

2.Click or tap on Tokens

3.Copy and paste the Smart Contract Address of TESTBOOK TRC20 in “Add TRC20 token”.

You should see them!

You cannot see TRC20 on Seedit (until TRON adds the functionality) only on TRONLink, Math, Scattered and GuildChat Wallet.

We were also focused on new exchange listings, but since trxinfo we need to be careful where we list. For some of the exchanges, we need high fee and the others have proved to be a potential risk for listing. So far, nothing we heard involves Numex in a negative connotation, so that one will happen 100%.

We opened a conference room where people can bring ideas to the table so to improve the Book Network coming in 2019. Every idea will be added to the Poll Bot and every ten ideas will be voted. After that, each group member will discuss whether or not the idea presented will be useful or not for the Book Network. The most voted idea will be added to the Project Book White Paper which is constantly being updated. If you think you have something new for us to think about, ask to be invited!

Our group reached 2000 members and counting. We are proud to have each of you joined us. Together we can become stronger and move any barriers we encounter along the way.

There will soon be a swap for Testbook TRC20 tokens. Since the PDF book and mini game will be implemented on TRON Blockchain we plan to convert TESTBOOK TRC10 to 20. This makes sense because TRC10 is only a normal token without functions only useful for tipping or funding a project.

TESTBOOK TRC10 are worthless at the moment, so everyone will send them to a “Blackhole” address — TLsV52sRDL79HXGGm9yzwKibb6BeruhUzy.

We’re going to stop TRC10 tipping because of TRC20 launch the date will be given soon.

Have in mind that some of our admins have been really busy lately, but we are doing our best to not let the group suffer.

Now, considering the following year, we aspire it to be the year of Book Network. Have in mind that we are constantly evolving, and situations happen so we can’t predict everything, but we hope to have a fully functional product by year’s end.

We stay on our roadmap, everything is as planned.

Let 2019 be a fun and exciting year for all of us!

Telegram group

Twitter @TheOfficialBoo2




Come join us and see what we’re all about. You won’t regret it.

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